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About Us

Social Thinking Australia is an authorised reseller of Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking® products. That’s our specialty and that’s all we sell. We have trained in Michelle’s Clinic in San Jose California and have a lot of experience using Social Thinking® resources with the whole range of social learning difficulties, both diagnosed and undiagnosed.  

We are always happy to answer your questions on our resources and you can contact us here.

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from clients:

"Thanks so much for the quick delivery of 'The Zones of Regulation' it is hugely appreciated! You are wonderful!"  ASD Specialist

"Thank you so much for introducing me to the work of Michelle Garcia Winner. I have switched to using the Social Thinking approach with my son, who is turning 6 next week. We are working on the problem areas and the improvements are fantastic!" (Parent).

"Thank you for your honest reply, I really appreciate it. And thank you for the extras, that's fantastic! Happy customer." (Child Psychologist).

"Thanks for getting the resources to me. The new resource is excellent, already I am spreading the word." (Speech Therapist).

"Thank you so much for that, it was very helpful to speak to you today and great to have such valid information and experienced feedback. I'll do some reading and be back in touch." (Parent).

"Thank you for your reply. I would like to order the book please. I wish I had come across your website earlier!" (Parent).

"I received the book I ordered today - thank you. The book is even better than I had hoped and I can’t wait to start using it. I am the Student Support Teacher at our local primary school and can think of many of our older students who would really benefit from the ideas in the book. Thanks again!" (Learning Support Teacher).

"Since attending the workshop I have applied Michelle's concepts into my language goals. The Social Thinking approach makes it much easier to explain communication concepts to kids. Thanks for introducing Michelle to me. Thank you for processing the order so quickly as well." (Speech Therapist).

"Thank you so much for your efficiency and advice. I really appreciate it!" (Teacher).

"Thank you for your wonderful customer service, it has been a pleasure to order through you. Thanks again." (Early Intervention Case Manager).

"Just a quick 'thank you' for sending off our latest batch of resources so promptly. They arrived first thing this morning, which means we have new stuff to play with this week!  Again, thank you!"  (Communication specialist). 

"I have just placed the order for 'I Get It' and I wanted to thank you so much for the free shipping, I really appreciate it. It was great talking to you today and I will let everyone at work know about your website so that they can see if there are any good resources for the children they are working with.  Thanks again."  (Teacher).

"Thanks so much for your time, that was great.  Thanks too for sending the links to me, it was very helpful."  (Speech Pathologist).

 "Many thanks for your prompt and informative reply - I'll give your suggestions a try."  (Specialist Speech and Language Therapist).